If you have a web site but you are unsatisfied about the position of your web site on the search engines, then you have come to the right place! Your web site needs SEO – Search Engine Optimisation and we can help.

If you Search Engine Optimise – SEO your web site you can significantly improve it’s position/ranking with Google, Yahoo and Bing.

One of the main reasons we constantly achieve high rankings for our customers is the fact that we continually monitor the changes which are happening and implemented by the major search engines. We make appropriate adjustments to reflect those changes.

The changes that are happening on the search engines are due to implementations of different algorithms that affect the way the search engines value web sites.

A proper SEO strategy can result in minimisation of advertising costs, better search engine ranking and increased visits by them. That in return can result in higher number of visits and an increase on your return on investment.

Once we agree to work together, the first step that we undertake is to advise you of your current position on the search engines. During our first meeting we will provide you with a lot of information to assist you to better understand the issues affecting your web site and it’s position on the search engines. Additional information as an example can include keywords or lack thereof used by your site as well as those of your competitors and how they perform with different major search engines.

As part of our SEO service we undertake and advise you of required changes to your web site to assist with its optimisation (on-site optimisation) as well as advice in regards to methods that can help increase the level of cross-linking with external and internal web sites/pages (off-site optimisation).

It is a fact that without these 2 steps, on-site and off-site optimisation, there can be no improvements.

As part of our SEO solution we include the following:

– keywords investigation and analysis
– keywords improvement on your Title Tag
– description and keywords improvement
– code improvement
– web page improvements
– analysis and advice on increasing web site loading speed
– establishing PR (page ranking)
– submission to a number of search engines including the main ones
– Google webmaster tools
plus more..

Important information:

At no stage do we promise that we will be able to place you first in any search engine listing i.e. Google, for the keywords that we/you may select. Google and the main search engines do not sell their listing positions. We can only strongly advise you to be aware of anyone that makes such promises as it goes against the search engine policies.

Our methodology is based on recognised and accepted SEO strategies. It is absolutely ethical and compliant (white-hat SEO) and we can reassure you that there will be no nasty surprises. In some instances a lot of companies are using what is called Black-Hat SEO techniques.

Although such techniques succeed from time to time to place a web site quickly on a very favourable position, in the long term you will be risking your web site to be blacklisted and then it does not show ever again on that same search engine.

Prior to any changes undertaken we prepare a complete SEO report. This is important as it assists in understanding the current state of your web site and it also allows for a comparison between it’s current state and it’s state upon implementation of any recommended changes. That way it is easy to identify any improvements or adjustments that may be required.

A main focus of the report is to help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your web site as well as understand how your potential customers find your web site and how that can be improved.

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