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What are the advantages of having a web site?

The following are the most frequently asked questions in relation to our Web Development services and the presentation of your business on the internet:

The presence of your business on the internet provides you with the ability to:
– Advertise your business, products and services to hundreds of potential prospects every day.
– Provide new and existing customers an easier way in finding information about your business and products.
– Modernise and present a new and up to date version of your business.
– Increase your customer reach beyond your local area.
– Sell your products and services via the internet and beyond traditional methods.
– Target new local/national and international markets.
– Minimise your costs and increase return on investment.

What is the cost of developing and designing a web site?

The cost of web design and development varies according to your requirements. We will need to understand your business requirements and expectations, number of products and services to be offered, operational requirements and needs plus more. In any event we can reassure you that the final cost will be based on the scope of work and you will be satisfied.

How can I find out the best way of establishing a web site?

Before we begin with the design and development of your web site, the first and most important part will be to meet (or correspond with you) to analyse and identify your business needs and requirements, identify the market that you are operating within, identify and analyse your competitors and what they are doing to allows us to identify the best and most relevant web requirements for your business. The time spend on identifying the best solution for your business is usually 30%-50% of the total time spend on each project. On completion we present you with options that are relevant to your business and its requirements.

My business has already a web site with dissapointed in the results, what are we doing wrong?

The creation of a web site in itself is never enough. It is very important that is promoted appropriately and relevant to the market requirements and your customers need to be able to find your web site easily when they are searching for relevant products and/or services. mybusinesshosting.com.au offers complete solutions incorporating web promotion, web site improvements and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) services that can assist and improve your web site and benefit your business.

What will I need to do to develop a web site for my business?

We will ask you to provide us a complete picture of your business, the nature of work, type of products and/or services, tell us about your customers and your market. Once we have reviewed and analysed the information that you have provided us with, we will present you with relevant options and ideas and once we have identified the solution that is more appealing to you and your business, then and only then we will proceed with the development of your web site. We ensure that our clients are constantly kept up to date on progress and their feedback is requested, expect it and welcomed.

How much knowledge do I need to have to be able to have a web site for my business?

Although it is always welcomed there is no need to have any knowledge at all. Your web site will be developed in a way that you can be involved as much or as little as you desire. A number of options are available that we will be glad to discuss in further details with you (nothing scary seriously). You can have a web site that needs no involvement or one that you can manage yourself or as a lot of our customers choose, a web site that we manage at your behalf. In any event do not forget that mybusinesshosting.com.au will always be there for you to assist with any and/or all needs relevant to your web site.

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