shutterstock4An established practise to increase the number of visits that a web site receives is called PPC – Pay-Per-Click advertising. It is called Pay-Per-Click because you only pay when a visitor clicks on your advertisement. The cost is usually a few cents per click.

The positive aspect of such advertising is the fact that you pay as you go and only if someone visits your web site. You do not pay for your ad to show up on the search engine and for people to see it without clicking. You are also in total control of the cost of advertising and cost per click.

The ads that can be used may be text, images or even small videos. You can choose to display your ads in any or all of the main search engines i.e. Google, Yahoo/Bing. You can also decide where your ad shows up and therefore increase or decrease the group of people that your ad becomes available to.

In addition to the increase of possible visitors to your web site, a very important factor is also the simplicity and speed of which ads can be setup to be target specific.

By carefully analysing your prospective market we are able to identify:
– who is your potential target audience
– where are they based in relation to the internet and
– which keywords they use to search in Google and the main search engines to find what they are looking for

Smart targeted advertising can result in minimisation of advertising costs.

You can invest your money in advertising to increase the likelihood of producing results, this means advertising increases the chance of producing high number of visititors who are new potential customers. The correct PPC campaign can result in sales that exceed the cost of advertising.

The main objective of a PPC campaign is ultimately an increase in profits. We can setup an advertising campaign for you in any of the major search engines. The most prominent choice is Google and specifically Google Adwords. Another alternative is the advertising platform provided by Yahoo – the Yahoo Search Engine Marketing (previously called Overture).

There are a lot of people and businesses out there that can create an advertising campaign for you with Google Adwords. As always we can only advise you of “buyer be aware”. We do not promise you anything else other than we can and we will, prepare the best possible results orientated campaign, based on the criteria outlined above (new customers=increased profitability).

In achieving our promise:
– we identify the most important and relevant keywords
– we identify the key target group
– we organise the advertising campaign
– we write the necessary advertising text

During the advertising campaign period:
– we monitor continuously the cost vs clicks vs results
– we identify and implement changes if and when appropriate
– we advise you at any time upon request on anything related to your campaign

A lot of our customers question us about PPC and if it is useful for anything else other than just increasing visits. It is important to understand that PPC is an excellent way of promoting a new web site rather than waiting for the search engines to index it. It is also a great way of testing a new market. For example you may have an e-commerce site selling clothes and you decide that you want to expand and start selling shoes. Using PPC we can quickly identify if there is a market out there, how big that market is and how strong is the existing competition.

Using PPC methodology and the tools available we can quickly identify the best keywords relevant to your business and apply those as part of our SEO strategy. Remember that with an appropriate SEO strategy you can increase your business visibility in the search engines.

3DCharacter6The cost of a PPC campaign with Google Adwords is based on customer requirements and number of campaigns. The ongoing cost of a campaign will be varied and depends on your budget, the size of the campaign and the competition. Such costs are separate to our costs and are charged by the search engines directly to you.

Increase your sites visibility and number of visitors using Google Adwords.

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