Who we are

3DCharacter10We have been developing web sites in Australia since 1994 and prior to that we were involved in Bulleting Boards but that’s another story.

Since 1994 we have developed countless web sites and some of our clients have been with us for over 16 years. The majority of our customers have either approached us direct through the internet itself or through our existing clients and their recommendation of our services to their friends and colleagues. That’s also the reason that we have never had the need to advertise our services. We believe that the best form of advertising is our work and the satisfaction of our customers.

As a result of our continues involvement in web development we have created mybusinesshosting.com.au to provide web development and design services for web sites, their support, the complete presentation of businesses, the electronic promotion of business, as well as the creation of an electronic identify for your business and the establishment of communication channels for your business.

Since the early days we have expanded the services by partnering with a variety of businesses to ensure that our main scope remains the presentation/advertising of your business, products and services, using the latest technologies on today’s electronic based media environment and the internet.

The high quality presentation, the latest ideas, easy of use and latest technologies and software is the basis of which we provide our services.

The experienced team of mybusinesshosting.com.au and its partners first ensure that we understand your business and only then we accept to work with you in creating a web site that represents your business and increase your customer base.

The internet has become the most common medium in search of products and services. Any business that presents itself appropriately and relevant to their customer needs can increase their market presence and can achieve sustainable growth.

Our business ensures that we remain up-to-date with all the latest technologies as a security to our clients.

mybusinesshosting.com.au has partnered with a number of large organisations in the internet sphere that allows us to provide hosting services to our customers that are of the highest quality, reliability and speed.

Our services include but are not limited to:

– Analysing, identifying, development and web design of your web site.

– Analysing, identifying and application of online internet marketing techniques for promotional purposes on the internet.

– Analysing, identifying and establishing communication and identity building methods for your business.

Our philosophy
Knowledge is power and we love to share it with our clients
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